Cocor bebek named Latin Kalanchoe pinnata L. from Madagascar, is spread in the tropics. Many grow wild in the gardens, the edge of the trench where the land is more rocky.

Plants that contain lemon acid, apple acid, vitamin C, quercetin-3-dirabinoside, keamferol-3-glukosde, tannin and this bryophyllin, segmented trunk and soft, fleshy leaves are thick and contain lots of water. Leaf color to grayish green. Compound interest, fruit boxes. Cocor duck slightly acidic, cold. Efficacious anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stops bleeding, peluruh sputum, urine laxative, fever relief, reduce swelling, blood cleanser, overcoming thyroid problems, burns, and hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids disease that is very annoying.Itching and small pricking pain in the anus, even feel pain during bowel movements, fresh blood came out, there is a soft lump in the anus, sometimes a great time like grapes.

Most doctors recommend to use stool softener medication, or give an ointment, or if the business does not bring results, one is with surgery or surgery.

However, if you want to use our traditional ingredients, no difficulty, because the heat-material easily available, which leaves cocor duck. To treat hemorrhoids, cocor leaves washed and dried bebek. Dried leaves were then finely ground to a powder. Take one tablespoon of the powder and brewed with hot water three-quarters of a cup. Add one tablespoon of honey. Stir until blended and then drunk. Do it three times a day until healed.

Or in another way, 25 grams of fresh  cocor leaves boiled with two glasses of water allowed to boil until the water stay glass.In the filter, after a warm drink. Lalukanlah every day until cured.

Treat the same also for stomach ulcers, rheumatism, and vomiting blood, however, should be added fennel and brown sugar.As for the tonsils 6 to 12 cocor  leaves washed thoroughly with boiled water. Mash until smooth and then blackmailed. The water used to rinse.





REED in Chinese is called Mau Jing and Latin language L is a plant Imperata cilindrika useless even a nuisance plant that is very annoying. Where land is overgrown with weeds, there would no longer grow rice or other plants, in addition to the weeds themselves.

Combating it was not enough just slashed or burned. During its roots still exist in the soil, for as long as the weeds will grow again and continues to grow. So eradicate the weeds have to be really keakar-roots through to completion. And that’s not necessarily a full success, because tall grass can also grow rapidly through seeds contained in reed garland that.

Weeds in the Malay language is often referred to numerous weeds in vacant land, in gardens, on farms or moor up at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Development is very fast because the productivity of a generative or vegetative very efficient.

Flowers there are approximately 800 grass seed that can grow varies from 500 to 1000 seeds. In the area of ​​the field let alone the population is quite high reeds, from flowers can reach the number 10 to 20 square meters. Very soft grass seed can be spread by wind, water and whatever ditempelinya.

When the rhizome grass roots cut into pieces, then each share will grow into new plants. Point that there is growing along the rhizome roots will
develop into new plants within 12 days. These shoots will then quickly accumulate dry matter in stems and roots rimpangnya.

Nevertheless a very annoying nuisance plant also has broad benefits for humans. As the villagers use the reeds as a roof.Leaves long reeds are dried and then tied in such a way and made the roof as a shade. Before any roof shingles, tiles, corrugated iron or asbestos, residents using reeds. Thatch roof is practical and safe enough away from the fire origin.

In addition to retaining water repellent rain and hot sun, thatched roof to create an atmosphere in the house cool when the hot air outside. And vice versa can make housing conditions in the home when warm air is very cold outside. Besides, the roots of the weeds can be used as a medicine, although many people call reed grass is a plant that is not useful, in the ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine “Pem Chau Gang Mu” identifies the roots of the weeds in category one special drug .Reed roots to cope with various diseases, including high blood pressure, urine is not smooth, heat in, reducing heat loss, bleeding, prostate, colon and canker sores.

Reed roots contain terpenoids iso arborinol, crinkle acids, resins and compounds of potassium. Because utilization sibuin known, it is now many supermarkets in big cities sell reed roots.


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