Not only making a bee sting pain, swelling, and hot-cold body. If the sting carried out at certain points by people who “know”, some diseases, like rheumatism, high blood pressure, asthma can be cured. But do not try to sting if hiperalergi or suffering from complications of chronic heart failure, and liver, because it can be fatal.
“What ever treated with bee sting? Complaint is what? Been treated to anywhere? When was the last treatment and how to hypertension? Got complications illnesses? You already eaten?”asked Hardiman (42) to patients Endang Rukmana (52) who complained of his head and left leg pain headache and sore because of arthritis.

     “If an empty stomach, patients who did not stand a bee sting will feel dizzy. There is also vomiting. As for patients with chronic heart and liver complications, should not be given the bee sting therapy,” continued the bee sting therapy expert who practiced Monday – Saturday (08.00 – 15.00) at the Palace of Bees, Cibubur, about 100 m from the exit toll Cibubur.

     By wearing “clothes doctors’ white color, which since 1980 Hardiman actively pursue a bee sting therapy was started to handle patients. The tip of her fingers busy looking for spots on the nape and then shock him sign a small circle. With tweezers superior bee Apis mellifera taken from the jar, then stuck a sharp needle tip makbles on the previous point has spread with alcohol.

     “For the head of the headache, just two points just shock,” said Hardiman. A moment later sting is still attached at the neck skin taken off. The points were the former shock knock-knock softly and then use the tips of his oil smeared wasps. Furthermore, to treat rheumatoid foot, he gave a shock to the three points at the foot of it.

     How does it feel? “Ordinary ordinary. But tonight I could sleep straight delicious!” I Endang Rukmana, patients who are often “treated” bee sting. Meanwhile Margono (33), patients who complained of colds kasep felt his body warm and a bit itchy after being given three stings on his back.
268 Stings for Paralysis

     “Patients who come here mostly patients with rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure. There are also people with asthma, high uric acid, stress, ulcers, paralysis, etc.. They average elderly. But there is also a young age, 21 years old. The patient age at under ten years old are not acceptable, because not hold a bee sting, “said Hardiman in a rare quiet practice room patients, especially on Saturday that reach dozens of people.

     The point where the sting, he said, could mengikutii acupuncture points. It could also determine the point of shock is based on the disease, namely by finding prickly pain.

     For rheumatoid arthritis, who had studied advanced Hardiman apipungtur (combined bee sting therapy and acupuncture) from the Japanese, the point is that stung area pivot. If seizures due to high uric acid, the point of the sting is in the vein of rigid. To stress that stung the top of the head. Headache or neck, stung by the temples.

     “Patients with hypertension who stung the right neck and right shoulder-left-left. For those who have never been stung by a bee, just two points on the shoulder of the sting. But if the patient was off balance, four shocks can be given at once – two points in the neck and two point on the shoulder, “explained the man who did not attach rate for this treatment. Patients pay a voluntary replacement just died after bee sting it.

     How many “doses” sting? For new patients who had never received bee sting therapy, according to Hardiman, once a sting.The next three to five days are given two shocks. Lapse of 4-5 days, three times a sting. If it had not yet recovered the next could be given 6-10 sting gradually. “If the patient felt quite well and there are a lot of progress, each stage can be expanded 10-10 times the shock at the appropriate points tailored to the circumstances of the disease,” he said. Thus, the “dose” shock resistance in addition to depending on the patient’s body to poison sting, also depending on condition and type of illness.

     Against a paraplegic due to high blood pressure, he gave 268 shock therapy. Sting as much as it certainly was not given all at once. “Three days to come. Every time came a few stings. There are fewer than a hundred stings, the patient was able to walk without a cane. It takes patience. But there is also the first few times the shock’ve learned my lesson,” he said.

     Another bee sting therapy for weight loss. For those who want to slim, in his opinion, there are 18 point shock from head to tail bone. If the patient can hold three stings at once, then simply come to a “clinic bee sting” six times.

     After given the therapy, the patient is advised to drink no drugs pharmacy that day. We recommend that patients drink to counteract the poison honey bee sting. For the hot-cold body because of shock, can also drank green coconut water as an antidote. If every time stung arise allergy, therapy is not forwarded anymore.
Tapping Method Acupuncture

     In Indonesia, apipungtur not entirely new. Prof. HM Hembing Wijayakusuma, acupuncture specialist who practiced at Jl.Petamburan, Jakarta, was 20-something years old to apply as an alternative treatment of disease. Now, other than in Jakarta, bee sting therapy practice also exists in Sukabumi and Yogyakarta.

     Because the therapeutic principle apipungtur (The Acupuncture Bee Venom Therapy) tapping acupuncture method, the offender must be understood very well the points according to the methodology of acupuncture treatment. Who are, according to Hembing, can perform the treatment in this way, with the requirement to master the theory and practice of acupuncture is earlier. In addition also must know the type and dose of bee stings are required for each type of disease.

     Previously, prospective patients must undergo “diagnosis” for known types of the illness and allergy tests. Because, not every patient fits with bee sting therapy. There are contra indications with bee sting therapy, the patient hiperalergi, tuberculosis, diabetes, severe kidney disease, heart disease gonorrhea. Patients, according Hembing, not allowed to receive bee sting therapy, because it can be fatal.

     Apipungtur therapy in the form of stimulation on acupuncture points (there are 360 ​​basis point acupuncture treatment) using a bee sting. Stimulation is more robust and durable, especially for some cases of the disease. Stimulation of a bee sting can last up to 4 x 24 hours. Much longer than the stimulation of acupuncture needles just 15 minutes.

     For patients who are hypersensitive to bee sting venom, Hembing utilize needle prick instead. Among other things, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, addicted to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, obesity, and facial skin rejuvenation.

     For rheumatic diseases, nerve pain, sprains, and some cases of paralysis, according to him, bee stings more effective. Other diseases are effectively treated with bee stings, include arthritic joints and muscles, whiplash-sports, aching from the cold, and swollen joints.
Most efficacious for rheumatism

     Not currently only recognized bee sting “medicinal.” Two thousand to 3,000 years ago apiterapi (treatment using bee products like honey and bee venom) has been known in the Middle East and China. In ancient Chinese books were found in the theory of “Yi Gong Du-Du” (poison against poison) with the media to treat bee stings. In fact, Hippocrates – known as bapakk modern medicine – also use the bee sting.

     Instead of Bee Stings Acupuncture Therapy Conference to the World-II in Nanjing, China, in mid-September 1993, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes apipungtur as an alternative treatment. Now, bee sting therapy (bee venom therapy – BVT) is applied in about 12 countries, including China, Korea, Romania, Bulgaria, and Russia.

     Bee Venom Therapy In the book, as quoted in BeeOnline Susan Wilkinson, bee sting venom can cure arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis). Based on research by Monmounth Pain of New Jersey, from 108 patients with arthritis who were given bee sting venom therapy showed signs of improvement after 12 times of treatment (2 times per week for 6 weeks). Then concluded that bee venom therapy is considered safe, effective, as long as the patient is not allergic to bee sting venom.

       In the U.S., it is estimated there are about 4,000 people with MS (multiple sclerosis) are treated with BVT. In Brazil, BVT is also used for asthma. In China, BVT is reported to treat neurological diseases, muscle cramps, skin tumors, impotence, and nerve pain.

     Bee venom, according to Drs. Hartono HDW., A pharmacist, is beneficial for rheumatism. In fact, it can also be used as a medicine outside (Digest, April 1990).

     With a bee sting, the surrounding skin becomes red and feels warm because of blood flow largely to the surface. Once absorbed into the body with the help of the enzymes in the toxin, stimulated the pituitary gland to produce ACTH (corticotrophic adrenal hormone). This hormone then stimulates the adrenal cortex to produce more of the hormone cortisone. The hormone cortisol is very useful to eradicate rheumatic diseases.

     Bee sting venom, as written in the Bee Online Susan Wilkinson, a complex mixture of proteins (enzymes and peptides) that have a unique farmakologikal activity. Enzymes (proteins that speed up chemical reactions in the body) in the major bee venom are hyaluronidase and phospholipase A. Hyaluronidase break down hyaluronic acid (fluid between cells) so that the toxins more quickly spreads among cells. Phospholipase A damaging phospholipids (major component of cell membranes) and cause cell death. Two components contribute to the occurrence of allergic reactions because of bee stings.

     Overall bee sting venom composed of 40 components, ie, 11 peptides, 5 enzymes, 3 amines, carbohydrates, libu, and amino acids. Peptides that were most responsible is melittin, apamin, Mast Cell Degranulating peptides, and adolapin. They are as anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antipyretic, and stimulate ACTH.
In addition, melittin, apamin and peptide 401 have other roles as well. Melittin and apamin stimulates the adrenal gland and pituitary gland to produce hormones and steroids Cortison. While the 401 peptides serve as antigens.

     It could be an indirect treatment via penyengatan bees, but in a way to inject poison sting bee preserved. In this way, according to Hembing, in addition to expensive, its healing power is also reduced. Besides the effects of bee venom that is injected under the skin did not last long.
From allergies to death

     Impact and tissue reaction to the sting is very diverse toxic substances. Starting from a little to feel pain until the swelling, fever, and itching all over his body because the body’s allergic reaction to the sting.

     For those who are hypersensitive to bee sting venom, once the sting can cause a serious reaction. Even can also cause death, mainly due to a bee sting Apis dorsata and Apis mellifera Africa.The pain can last several minutes to several days, depending on the point of shock. Finger tip and the tip of the nose is the most painful point.

     For those who are not hypersensitive, 1-5 times a sting at once is not a problem. As written Mihaly Simicc in BeeOnline titled “The Effect of Bee Sting on The Human Body”. At most, felt a bit sore and warm, then the skin to swell, redden, and itch.

     Fifty to one hundred stings can cause seizures, shortness of breath while, the skin turns blue or pulse beats fast, followed by temporary paralysis symptoms. Above two hundred stings cause respiratory system disorders. However, there are reports 100-300 can cause fatal shock. There is also resistant to 1,000 stings.

     Bee sting is the penetration of foreign objects into the body, so naturally the body will fight it, that was driven by antibody imunoglobin, namely IgM, IgD, IgA, and IgE. In the serum of patients with bee sting will be found specific IgE, as well as IgG, which serves to neutralize toxins. Thus, IgG alleged role in the body’s defense against bee stings, otherwise known as an agent of immune response. Thus, high frequency shock sibuin, sibuin higher the person’s immune power.


     “Needles” is owned by a bee sting only females (workers). In drones, the organ is reduced to the genitals (endophalus). Worker bee sting can be used only once. As soon as the body apart from the bee sting, the bee was dead. While the queen bee sting can be used multiple times, because sengatnya not be separated from his body.

     Bee sting consists of hard tissue resembling three needles that are attached form a channel to distribute poison sting. Toxins produced by the venom glands – glands poison glands are strung in the appendix acid. The length of “needle” type of worker bees sting Apis mellifera about 2 um.

     Bee Apis mellifera produce toxins as much as 3-4 ul per fish.Local bees, such as Apis Cerana produce fewer toxins, otherwise Apis dorsata (bee forest) more.

     The composition of bee venom substance consists of water (88%) and substance can be dried (12%). To obtain 1 g of dried venom, it takes 1,000 times Apis mellifera worker bees sting.
Toxic chemical content is very diverse, including peptides and proteins, and protein melittin. Bee venom also contains volatile substances, called pheromones. More bee sting venom composition listed in Table 1.

         Honey Bees Can Components Molecular Components% toxic substances Protein hyaluronidase 1-3
Phospholipase A210 – 12
Melittin 50 Peptide Secapin 0.5 to 2.0
MCD peptide 1-2
Tartiapin 0-1
Apamin 1-3
Procamine 1-2
Small peptide 13-15
Amino Histamine 0.5 to 2.0
Dopamine 0.2 to 1.0
Noradrenaline from 0.1 to 0.5
r – aminobutirat acid 0-5
Sugar Glucose, fructose 2 Phospholipid – 5 Amino acids – 1 Volatiles – 4-8

Source: Dotimas and Hider, Department of Chemistry, University of Essex, England.




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